How Are We Different?

What We Offer

  • Offer wood from direct barn sales to finish usable products
  • Our warehouse is set up like a grocery store where you can come in and hand pick your wood if you choose too
  • No minimum order sizes
  • Centrally located within a couple hours of Boston, NYC, Berkshire Mountains, Adirondack Mountains and Catskill Mountains
  • Provide alternatives to reclaimed wood to decrease cost to our clients when needed
  • Offer orders by email
  • Available by Text message and Facebook messenger 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
  • Pricing is lower than other sources because we reduce the left over wood cut offs and find alternative uses to convert to additional products.• We also have small batch products, when in many business there is a discount in high volume, in our can be harder to match large quantities of the same wood. Because we take in the small quantities that most large companies do not always want or need, we end up with more small options which are great for our residential or small business clients.
  • Also we have accent walls, mantels and other products ready to pick up the day you stop in without the wait of custom orders